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Beauty: Klei Beauty

Beauty: Klei Beauty

Klei Beauty

I struggle when it comes to products because my skin is just so sensitive. When Val from Klei reached out to introduce me to her her Plant + Clay based product I was so open to it. I love trying more natural approaches with skin care so I was really curious to see how I would do. Two of the 4 products are 100 % vegan and 2 are not. Being a vegan, I stuck with the two without honey.

Clarify Mask:

This masks works to pull out your impurities while calming skin inflammation. Val listen what each ingredient did for the skin:

  • French Green Clay mattifies skin and tightens pores.

  • Lavender powder rebalances oil production and reduces inflammation.

  • Alfalfa and Spinach powders nourish and replenish.

  • Aloe powder softens and moisturizes.

I will say, this gets dry pretty quickly and leaves your face feeling nice and firm. This mask made my skin feel so amazing afterwards so I would highly recommend putting on moisturizer to make it feel nice and plump.

Polish Scrub:

I am the ultimate snob when it comes to exfoliating my face because I love knowing its just shedding away the dead skin on my face making it nice and smooth. I was in luck when I tried Polish because it did just that. Normally when I exfoliate I tend to get a bit aggressive so it was interesting for me to try something so much more gentle. It's a mix of Coconut shell and rose designed to exfoliate without damaging the skin. After I washed my face I felt as if my skin was new again. It was so smooth and after moisturizer I felt like I came out of the best facial of my life.

The following I didn't personally try but are described very well by Val:

Nourish :

"This is a gentle clay mask that helps to balance and soothe skin, without drying it out. French Rose Clay gently clarifies and cleanses. Rose Petal powder lightly exfoliates and replenishes moisture. Banana, Coconut Milk, and Honey powders all nourish and soften. Great for all skin types, though most beneficial for dry and average skin types."


Smooth :

"Very gentle facial scrub and cleanser, that lightly refines skin’s texture, leaving it soft and radiant. Rosehip Seed powder gently exfoliates. Honey and Chamomile powders calm and soften. Rosehip powder is high in Vitamin C, which simulates collagen production. Formulated for those who prefer a mild exfoliation. I use this cleanser as the second part of my OCM routine, and love how smooth my skin is after I use it."


If I can rate this line out of 10 I would give it a strong 10. It's plant based and perfect for my skin, keeping me refreshed and hydrated.

Beauty: Photo Skin - Tanning oil

Beauty: Photo Skin - Tanning oil