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Beauty: DedCool

Beauty: DedCool

As women, I think we can all agree how much we LOVE to smell good. Right? I can't even describe how many perfumes I have tried pretty much since I came out of the womb. I have tried everything you can imagine growing up from Rue 21, Kim Kardashian (I know, I know), Pink Sugar, Ed Hardy and even got super fancy with it and used Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford etc.  I think at this point, you're pretty much smellin' what I am cookin'. Anyone that really is purchasing perfume mainly looks for 1 thing: the longevity of the wear.

Carina Chaz is a 22 year old Los Angeles native that created this line with a purpose. A gender neutral line that is not only vegan and nontoxic but this perfume will carry it's aroma on you all day long. Now, I really only blog about things that I absolutely love and this brand 100% has my heart. It's easy for me to get tied into the whole "Tom Ford is my favorite line ever" based off of the name, the popularity and so on. After the last few days of wearing DedCool, I can easily say that I will be wearing and only talking about this brand.

Photos taken from DedCool.com

DedCool just pushes boundaries all while using high quality ingredients that will make anyone of any gender feel absolutely sexy.

I know each person has a scent they normally gear towards which is why I wanted to give a bit of a run down on how each of them smell to me.

Fragrance 01 (Taunt) - To me this is the most fem scent DedCool has. A few of it's layers include Vanilla, Floral and Bergamot. If you enjoy a floral(y)/masculine scent combined, this is yours.

Fragrance 02 - One of my favorites! This scent is something I probably wear the most often - so sexy and masculine yet still elegant. If you are a fan of sandalwood you will absolutely love this scent.

Fragrance 03 - This scent is hot. To compare this to something that is really mainstream, this is almost similar to Marc Jacobs: Daisy. This contains a lovely mix of Juniper Berries, Blond Woods, and Raspberry.

Fragrance 04 - Yep, this is my absolute favorite. Think of a sexy person that can easily make a statement without even saying a word. If you love a Pepper, Sandal Wood and Lemon mix - this has your name written all over it.

Fragrance 05 (Spring)- The name says it all. This scent is a perfect mix of feminine with a splash of a masculine feel. A few things in this are Lavender, Moss, Bergamot and Incense.

I hope my guide has helped you decide which scent is best for you, however, whichever you decide you won't be disappointed in.

If you weren't already obsessed, Carina gave TheBronzedSol readers access to a rad discount towards any purchase at DedCool.com enter DEDCOOLFAM for a surprise discount.

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Beauty: Photo Skin - Tanning oil

Beauty: Photo Skin - Tanning oil

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