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Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

All of us are guided by one infinite power, one law and that is The Law of Attraction. If you aren't familiar with this Law I suggest you sit down, get acclimated, and educate yourself. This law is as simple as this: your thoughts become things. Every negative/ positive energy that you are giving out to the Earth will come directly at you. Not anyone else, even if you are trying to wish it upon them. Let me try to paint the picture for you:

- If you think negative thoughts, negative things come back to you

- If you think positive thoughts, positive things happen to you

Simple, right? Wrong. We can all sit here and read books about L.O.A or if you're a frequent Netflix user, you can watch 'The Secret' and think immediately that we know everything about it. The only reason why I feel comfortable saying this is because I was one of those people. The biggest key to really seeing the POSITIVES come out of this is really by applying this to your every day life. That does not mean that you can think of it when you are happy, that does not mean you can think of it once and expect everything to happen magically. The real key to making this work is to make sure that even when we are in our lowest of lows, we give ourselves positive affirmations and maintain that positive train of thought in order to see the law in motion.

To me, this has got to be the hardest part of following this law which is why this law is either a 'hit' or 'miss' with people.

All that we are is a result of what we have thought.
— Buddha

Now hearing this might be the most annoying part, yet to me, this is the most exciting part about it. Think of our lives as a blank canvas, the way we really want it to be, can be, when we believe in it.

Now hearing this might be the most annoying part, yet to me, this is the most exciting part about it. Think of our lives as a blank canvas, the way we really want it to be, can be, when we believe in it.
— Michael Losier

Jack Canfield once said "Our feelings are a feedback mechanism to let us know if we are on track or not."  Essentially, whatever you're thinking & feeling today is actually creating your future. We can all say that we want to be rich, get married to George Clooney, have a red Porsche and 5 golden retrievers by the time were 30 (Well, those are my aspirations so hopefully they don't sound too similar - you get my point.)  yet the moment we lose track of our positive thoughts, our desires and aspirations, consider it completely gone. I read something that has pertained to my day to day that I really wanted to share with you:

"Any thought reaches a combustion point at 17 seconds of pure undiluted focus. It draws another thought to it and it is exponentially more powerful. At the end of another 17 seconds, 34 seconds total, the next thought combusts, and by Law of Attraction, evolves to a higher level of energy. Again another 17 seconds to 51 seconds continues the process, and finally, if you can continue a pure thought for 68 seconds on any given subject, it will be on its way to manifestation. The key word is pure, meaning positive focus, strong energy, no resistance; to not slip into sloppy thinking."

Any time we think negatively, we have 17 seconds to immediately change that mind set before it not only changes our mood, but our whole entire day.

The Law of Attraction works regardless if you are purposefully working at it or not. The largest issue we stumble upon is that we can unknowingly be attracting things that we don't want. In order to attract the things you do want is to focus on the positives that make you "feel good."

Starting the practice of positive manifestation is the most hands on and complicated piece.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Meditate

  2. Find your focus. Create a vision for yourself

  3. Give the Universe an idea of how you want your life to be

  4. Be very specific about your goals, wishes and desires & write it down

  5. Write down all of the positives that have happened to you

  6. Be patient and let it happen.

Remember, patience is a virtue. Live the life you love, Love the life you live.